PC hardware

Micro-Scope is a benchmarking software used for computer hardware diagnostic routines. Micro-Scope is a benchmarking software that uses the same technology as the well-known PC Mark benchmark suite. It displays system information and performs different diagnostic routines in order to find and remove any errors in your hardware. For example, it can be used to check if your CPU cache […]

Computer hardware diagnostic routines

The benchmarking process involves measuring the performance of a system. This information is usually collected before and after a system upgrade to establish whether any performance gains have been achieved by the software upgrade. Micro-Scope is a web-based benchmarking tool that can be used as an alternative to typical manual testing. It enables users to quickly and easily diagnose their […]

We know computer technology

There exist a wide variety of computer technologies and software on the market today. The market is becoming increasingly more complex and competitive, with new products coming to the market every day. The Micro-Scope benchmarking system is a comprehensive evaluation process that provides information about computer hardware, software and operating systems. This includes what hardware and software components are installed […]